Lives and works in Birmingham.


Forward, Ikon Gallery at Medicine, Birmingham (group)
I d for Abroad, Tintype, London (group)
Arts and Science Festival Sculpture Commission, University of Birmingham (shortlisted)
Pangea Sculpture Production Award
These are the days my friends, Kupfer, London (group)
Some Kinda Love, Gallery Celine, Glasgow (solo)


Edicola Radetzky, Milan (solo)


Sinkhole, Outpost, Norwich (solo)
Anti-Scrape, The New Art Gallery Walsall (solo)


Mask, Hunter/Whitfield, London (group)
Pulse, Pitt Projects, New York (group)
Difference and Repetition, Italy (group, curated by Giuseppe Pinto)
Radical Sabbatical Residency, University of Birmingham
Micro residency, University of Staffordshire
Looking at people, looking at art,  Division of Labour , London (group, curated by Mark Essen)
Image Music Text, IMT, London (group)
After, Division of Labour, London (group)
A Symptom of Objects, Supercollider, Blackpool (group)


Group Occupation Residency, New Art Gallery Walsall
The Spiral of the Staircase, The Sunday Painter, London (group, curated by Elinor Morgan)
Studio Capri, Syson Project Space, Nottingham (group)
Birmingham Show, Eastside Projects, Birmingham (group)

Weekends, Millington Marriott, London (with Jack Lavender and Hannah Lees)
CO, Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham (with Tom Godfrey)
Manchester Contemporary with ESP, Eastside Projects
Jaywalking in the Marina, Sentinal Space, Birmingham (group)